Children are admitted to school in the September following their fourth birthday as part of the Foundation Stage of their education. A programme of induction is planned for Foundation Stage children and parents prior to starting school. This includes home visits, familiarisation visits and a Parents’ Evening. Places will be offered initially to children living in the school’s catchment area, South Kilworth. Priority will be given to children with siblings already at the school. After that, places will be made available to children living outside the catchment area. Parents have the right to appeal if their child is refused a place.

Children of statutory school age can be admitted at any time throughout the school year in accordance with the school’s admission arrangements.

All applications need to be made to Leicestershire Local Authority. Application forms and further details are available from the school or the Leicestershire admissions website.

In accordance with LA guidelines children moving out of the catchment area after starting school will still be able to keep their place.


Draft consultation on Admissions Policy for 2019-20

South Kilworth DLAT Admissions Policy 2019-2020